: Airmiles

Oct 17, 2007

One of several spots we at Curious Pictures created the airmiles company.

Marci Ichimura was lead on this project. I got to play matchmover and compositor on this particular spot.

Was the first time we used Imagineer’s Mocha extensively on a job. The software basically blew us away with it’s 2D tracking abilities! We’ve probably used Mocha on nearly every job since.

Also of note, was the fact of delivering these three :30 spots in three different languages….each with it’s own :15 sec cutdown. 3-spots * 3-languages * 2-cutdows = 18 versions!!!! It was a small drama to keep track. All of the visual effects shots were universal to all versions…and the animation shots were unique because of different lipsyncs on the animations:) Marci was amazing. As usual.

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