: Ants

Jun 16, 2011

For a while Jeremy Chilnik and Morgan Spurlock would send us these odd little one off shots. I would never learn what they were being produced for, and we were so busy and excited back then…that I likely never thought to ask.

Mostly I just really like working with Morgan, Jeremie, and the Warrior Poets. They always brought an air of childlike wonder into the studio. As people they were a rare mix of creative, charming, and kind. With the huge amounts of money flying around in this business, it was a pleasure to work with a director and producer who helped the studio feel calm and relaxed enough to be creative.

Steve Muniz rigged the little ant. I think we may have bought the model. Gosh Greer animated the ants. I lit, rendered, and composited the little guys. I loved whenever we got a gig with photoreal CG. The turn around was a week from start to finish.

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