: August

Nov 4, 2007

August: IMDB

Crowd enhancement for the theatre in this shot. Quick turn around, and no massive (crowd software) artists at the time, so we completed the shot old school. Set up a quick green, got 10 of our closest friends, some costumes, wigs, and shot all the additional people on green. Two about 3 days to complete the shot. We added over 100+ new audience members!

This was exiting as it was some of our first film work at the studio. The whole team at Curious Pictures assembled and came up with a plan to complete the shot. Annie Moore (the producer?!) built the greatest spreadsheet for the shoot. Each person had to be shot at the correct angle. Our stage was great to have in NYC, but not big enough to build an entire theatre. So. We turned the chairs, moved eye-lines, and changed the camera position for each element. It was a massive effort to coordinate all the people, and camera movements, and keep records of each take….few! Annie was amazing!

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