: Ave Amy

Jun 28, 1999

Ave.Amy was the first airing production I ever worked on! I’d just ‘moved’ to the city at age 16-17… and while working with my father on Sesame St. met Richard Coder. Curious was doing all the CG for Elmo’s world back then. After his suggestion, I hounded Curious to give me an internship! Ray Morris brought me on, and Curious trained me up in everything.

We were using 3D Studio Max at the time….through some deal with Intergraph computers. I created the Exterior street set, the inside of Drink Land, and Mesopotamia. In retrospect it’s hysterical that they let a 17 year old build 1/2 the sets for the first production. That was a good crew of interns back then. Jeeyun Sung, Jay (what was his last name?) Michelle McGinnis. We were an unbreakable group.

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