: Bonz

Jan 18, 1999

This promo was the first Computer Graphics thing I did at Curious Pictures that saw the light of day!

Susan Holden would go to the NYC Toy Fair to promote the amazing Curious Bonz (I thought these toys were the best!). Damain Turelli was asked by Susan to make a new promo for that year. So he gathered some willing interns. Jeeyun Sung and myself volunteered.

We had to work in the machine room which was bitterly cold….loud, and no lights other than our monitors. Also we could only work after hours because Curious had some strange deal with Intergraph Computers (who owned 3D studio max or something). Max could train people on the machines during the weekends, and curious got free machines and free licenses of the 3D Studio Max. It was a strange thing….but there was so much going on back then….being 17 years old. Graduating high school. Starting College…working in NYC at a real animation studio with the craziest people I had ever met up until that point (grew up in a small town in the Catskills). Those big loud purple Intergraph computers were just one more piece of the crazy puzzle that was my adolescence.

Moral of the story.

I LOVED making computer graphics. I was intoxicated by the strange, brilliant, and oddly functional adults surrounding me. I was shy, nervous, anxious, curious about everything, and wanted to be in that studio all the time. I could not imaging there being a more exciting place to be in the entire world!

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