: Chicago 10

Sep 5, 2007

This is Chicago 10. Bret Morgan Directed. Film was accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. Pretty Awesome. We all went skiing. Good times.

This film was our second large animation project using the new Vicon Motion Capture system we purchased for the Barbie Diaries. I was playing mocap operator back in those days. Later in the project I headed the lookdev and got to comp on the sequences posted on this page. Overall, this one of the biggest projects I had worked on to date. Lewis Kofsky always had a talent for bringing in large projects to our studio (Curious Pictures).

Also many of my friends in NY were working on the show with me, so that made it extra special.

  • Mark Corotan
  • John Cook
  • Steve Minuz
  • Marci Ichimura
  • Gosh Greer
  • Jesse Lucas
  • Veronica Jones.
  • and many more wonderful artists!

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