Aug 29, 2007

Some times there are jobs that are straight forward and executing the creative is a pleasure. CHS was that job.

The motion graphics king on NYC, director David Kelly (who Curious Pictures rep’d) was creating this spot for CHS. The problem was he did not feel his 2D animated curves were giving the feel and motion he envisioned for the piece. So he commissioned us in the 2.5D department to animate some 3D splines in Maya that he could use for his commercial.

I was playing 3D lead at the time. Cory Alderman was working with me to animate the curves. Match moving was done in Boujou.

In contrast to his brilliance, I recall David being a very modest man. He preferred to work solo from his studio in Dumbo. When we did work together he would be shy giving notes, even apologetic at times. For me of course it was the chance of a lifetime to be working with Mr.Kelly. Sometimes you work with people who are mind-blowingly talented, and no matter where you are in your career, they have so much to teach you! David Kelly was that sort of man.

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