: Comic Con

Sep 7, 2011

A quick title for a presentation Morgan Spurlock was giving at Comic Con that year. The work is straight forward enough. Multiplaned layers in After Effects. Nothing controversial or groundbreaking technically.

What was interesting is that for some reason I archived nearly every version of this title we sent for approval. In the above video all those versions are what we sent on a single day….and presumably one was approved and sent for final.

But it’s important to recognize these types of revisions in creative work. We would get many young artists out of school, who would quit the industry after an internship. It seemed to me they quit because the job of being a commercial artist was not what they romanticized it to be. I always thought it was a pity. We lost many talented people this way. In contrast, our field was/is starved for new creative ideas and artists to implement them. If only they could have stuck around a little longer. I’m sure things would have opened up!

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