: Electrolux - Nimble

Apr 18, 2011

I was playing VFX supervisor and compositing supervisor on this gig. This whole commercial was shot on our stage which I thought was cool! I loved having a stage in NYC. Combined with our model shop, we could produce nearly anything. It was a perk of working at Curious Pictures. Also, the stage was free to use for our personal projects on nights and weekends! How amazing is that?

Tom Lynch did all the heavy lifting compwise for the end shot. That shot was our hardest to produce.

The creative was: “The vacuum Tokyo style drifts across a wooden floor in a black void, slowly coming to a stop and scoops up a patch of dust.” When I would receive a brief like that, I used to take a long breath, smile, then go out for a bubble tea:)

Below is the VFX breakdown I presented to the director, on how we could achieve the story boarded shot with the limited space on our stage. They bought it, and we made the commercial!

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