: Everest

Mar 5, 2015

Everest Film Screen Shot.

Everest was primarily a London show that we picked up some shots from towards the end of production. This was my first time really getting to explore the limits of our multisite workflow. I didn’t have a large role in this production as I was ‘comp supervisor’ on Geostorm at the time. Mainly I was helping Christian Kaestner setup the Geostorm production before taking my sabbatical to hike that Appalachian Trail. Jeremie Lodomez would take up the Geostorm mantle and become the real comp sup when production started in earnest:)

Anyway, while the clients were still shooting, and color workflows were slowly being established, it made sense for me to take on and manage the Montreal Everest compositing effort as well. It was 30-40 shots only. Had a great team of compositors. I remember some of the team giving me kickback because they the snow we were placing in all the shots ‘additive’ so that the snow could be seen. I really put my foot down against that. Ruffled some feathers. Elements should be overed, generally.

In the end, after a couple of years, it’s easy to look back and see how good the work is. Top knotch compositors at Framestore Montreal. Really glad to have so many talented colleagues and friends here:)

I never watched the film. Too much suspense for this little guy. Maybe with friends it could be watched. Also, I don’t really want to watch a film where Jake Gyllenhaal dies. My heart couldn’t take it.

Gallery of still frames from the shots that the team produced. I think this is most of the shots we created. The final cut of the film is slightly different from our working cut, and the grades really change the shots from how they were in my memory!

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