: Lugz - Escape

Jan 17, 2000

This Lugz commercial marks the first time I managed to help out in a production using Alias Maya. It was fairly new, and half the guys were ‘Power Animator’ dudes from Canada. Anyhoo. Curious did a bunch of these Lugz spots. But this one holds a special place in my CG heart.

At the time, all the people who worked in CG were these social rebels. Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you some stories:)

My contributions to this party was some light modeling of environmental props and other bits like sides of buildings and trash cans and such….and texturing. Oh, and I modeled all the Chars teeth! Nearly forgot about that! Chris Haney helped me a lot with that. He introduced me to MEL and “scripting” in a 2hour session. A dangerous and epic thing to have done!

Think this was my first paid gig also. Josh Porter the producer paid me $200 a night to babysit the render farm. I’d never seen that much money before! Life was confusing back then:)

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