: Reach

Oct 23, 2003

Check it. I’d just finished my studies at SUNY Purchase(finally) where I’d successfully ‘earned’ a degree in Music Composition. I was super excited to start working in the CG industry……but nothing. No one would hire me! Not freelance or anything. I was crushed.

Then, I run into Kyle McColloch on the street, who was the Lead Compositor at Curious back then….and he hires me up to work on the Reach tooth Brush commercial with Naomi (sorry I don’t know here last name!) and Joan Raspo directing. I was pulled in 911 styles to help with rig removal. That’s when I learned what rig removal was. I’d watched Connie Conrad do it before….but this was serious!

It was this gig that I began to appreciate the awesomeness of Adobe After Effects. I’d enjoyed our time together in the past, but this was the beginning of a long and beautiful love affair:) This job also marks the last time I would work again for WHILE:(

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