: Stink Ant

Jan 18, 2001

My second summer back from College and curious let me come back and intern again! Hells yeah! I got to work on this in-house project: Stink Ant. It was full CG project working in Maya (we were previously using 3D Studio Max). I’d just learned Maya the year before on a LUGZ shoe commercial. This was a larger and more intense project.

Adam (I forget his last name!! Sorry!) and I were charged with creating a library of Amazonian Jungle plants. The internet was still a baby back then, so we purchased books and scanned references at 72dpi on the giant blue large format UMAX PowerLook 3000 scanner. Then we modelled and modelled and modelled. I learned to texture and light that summer with Owen Demers guidance. Between Adam (who was way faster) and I, we created literally hundreds of plants with various texture and modeling combinations.

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