: Truth - Non-Smoking

Jan 24, 2008

Tara Jacobson and Connie Conrad were the lead compositors on the 6 total spots we created at Curious for the truth anti-smoking champagne. These were really weird ads. Of course one should just play the gig and never get involved in the politics…but because of some new legislation in the united states, the tobacco companies were required BY LAW to produce these anti-smoking commercials! So the agency’s client was some conglomeration of tobacco companies. What made the whole thing super interesting, was that the agency was super involved and wanted these to be amazing. I loved how oddly invested they were in the spots. The dynamic of the whole thing was really strange and exciting!

My main contribution and the reason this spot holds a place in my heart is that this marked the first show we depended on Mocha. As always, I had a problem to solve. For these commercials there was no 3D bid, but loads of shots required match moving animations into live action plates! Since it was a comp-centric crew, I tried running a few shots through the new software Mocha. It worked great!

We then bought several licenses, trained the crew up, and I went back to my job of maintaining the pipeline, while everybody else painted shadows (for some reason it was not bid for the animation company to do!) for about 6 weeks.

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