: Turbo Tax Pitch

Oct 17, 2008

Turbo Tax software was in a re-branding process, and asked us at Curious Pictures to make a quick motion test making this George Washington footage look like it was an animated dollar bill.

It was a tricky brief as animating textures is a notoriously tricky problem. Despite the minuscule production time (two days maybe?!) I always thought this test turned out pretty nice. I like to think we could have made an even better test given more time and money, but pitches are usually fast and dirty proof-of-concept affairs.

Alas we did not knock their socks off with this one, and wound up just painting an actor green and filming him in the scene with the other people. Was an economical solution for sure, and worked. Had that tacky fun quality about it in the commercials that made it to air.

Can’t win them all!

I was playing compositor and concept artist on this gig.

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