: Lu Biscuits

Nov 12, 2004

This was my first commercial playing lead compositor at Curious Pictures. After a few years of interning while completing my undergraduate degree I finally go this job. Kyle McColloch and Molly Schwartz had left their comp staff positions at the studio and I was sort of on my own.

On this commercial I learned how to conform from tape and roll out shots to the crew to work on. I remember some specifics like. 10 frame handles. Receiving the edit on a printed out piece of paper wrapped around digi-beta tapes! We had just dumped Speed Razor and moved onto Final Cut Pro, so ingesting media was easier than it used to be. I learned to use the super scary Router in the machine room to forward video to my editing station. That router landmarks the most confusing and satifying machine I have ever learned to use. The trick was to think about backwards. Source rather than destination. I don’t really miss those days.

  • Joao G. Amorim played lead animator
  • Matt Reslier played lead lighter
  • I played editor and comp!

Over all. Pretty exciting and good times. I shudder thinking about what I didn’t know back then:)

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